A message from Rev Stephen Wright

A message from Rev Stephen Wright

Over the last few weeks, I have been boring everyone in our house by saying something like ‘I can’t ever remember an April like this!!!’ I have to say, the statement was tempered by the fact that my memory is pretty poor. It was a pleasant surprise then, when the weather forecasters told the same story – the coldest, brightest and driest for ages. But now as I write, things have changed – there’s a much more mellow feel to things. A new season is upon us.

Over the last year or so, we have all been through a particularly difficult season; of lockdowns, closures and unusual ways of doing church. But at last, we can be rather more optimistic about the future. One hopes that a new season is upon us, one that as far as church is concerned might even involve singing and be mask free. But of course, whatever exactly happens, we will not be the same people. It is as though we have lived through a season of psychological and spiritual winter and it will have left its mark. Some of us will find that it takes time to recover our sense of equilibrium, for others the sheer joy of our new freedoms will lift the soul. For all of us, it is important to take stock and reflect on this strange time we have been through and if possible, hold onto the things we have learned. This is just as true for the church as it is for individuals.

As far as the church is concerned, one of the things that has shone through during recent months has been a sense of togetherness and community. Even over zoom services, the sense of fellowship has been (at times) profound. Methodist people, I know, are good at supporting each other, but even so, we have excelled. As (hopefully) a new season dawns, may God help us to build on this sense of belonging and continue to support and encourage one another in love.

Rev Stephen Wright

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