Courier article September

Courier article September

The joy and friendship that I have experienced from Portchester and the Portsmouth Methodist Church has been fantastic. While each has been different each is of course special and exciting. The mystery of how I came to minister in these churches is nothing short of a miracle of God opening doors and it is my prayer that He would continue to guide me and use me to do what He wants me to do rather than what I or any other person wants me to do.

The church that we read about in Acts 2 is very close to my heart and I believe that this is the model of church that God gave us to use as a blueprint for His church on earth. I believe that when we use what God has given us, we will always be moving in the right direction, but Satan does not like this and so we will always be challenged, but God is bigger than any challenge that Satan can throw our way.

Church in the UK is totally different to the way we “did church” in South Africa so I have a lot to learn and understand. I ask for your patience in my learning phase but also ask that you would understand who I am and what I would like to offer in the two years that I have been asked to minister at Portchester and Portsmouth.

The one big difference between South Africa and the UK is that in South Africa one minister is assigned to one church and he or she spends all his or her time getting to know the people and to walk a journey together with them. This is obviously very different in the UK where a minister is asked to look after four different churches. And so right from the outset let me say a big thank you to ALL the leaders of ALL the churches, no matter what role you play in the church. Without your dedication, understanding, commitment and help this would not be possible.

Many people have asked me what my passion is, what my style of ministry is and what have I to offer? Well, to tell you the truth, I have nothing to offer – except what God has blessed me with and for that I am ever grateful. My first passion is to get younger families into the church. This is important for the continuance of our churches, and it will also bring a vibrance that will be enjoyed by all. I have some ideas that I will bounce around with the leaders to see what we can do to draw the families into our churches. I have had a healing ministry since 2007 and this is also an area that I pray will become part of our churches here in Portsmouth and Portchester. Finally, I believe that special services and courses form an integral part of the modern church (for all ages) and I hope and pray that we will find enough time to have some fun in this area of ministry.

At the end of the day, I am here to serve God in each of the churches I have been blessed with and I promise that I will put every effort into all that God calls me to do in the next two years. I look forward to the journey and pray that it will be meaningful and fun for all.

With blessings and the love of Christ,


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