October views from the vestry

October views from the vestry


The first thing I would like to say this month is a huge welcome to our new Rev Ray- I am very excited to see the new direction the church will take and how we can all grow our church and welcome new people together.

The month of October is a month of planning for me- we have a Remembrance event next month which I am hoping will be a great way for our church to be a focus and place of reflection for the community. I am planning a thought provoking display in the hall, a space to reflect in the church with a slideshow and refreshments served in the cafe. I would welcome you all to attend and to meet members of our community.
I am also busy planning the Christmas Fair and as we have done in the past we are going to welcome members of the community to have stalls which both helps to integrate us further in the village and also means that we can attract new people to the church. If you would like to have a Christmas themed stall or craft type stall please let me know.
I am hoping to run another wreath making workshop this year- if you are interested in coming along please let me know- I have no firm date yet I would ideally like to get an idea of numbers before I choose a date and advertise to those outside of the church.

We have a fantastic new leader for the Little Lambs toddler group- Emma. She is keen to help grow the group and has some great ideas! Little Lambs will be holding a nativity for the first time in a few years this December- providing the group grows enough to allow this to happen. Please show your support to the children and come along to watch them if you can. The date and invitation will come out in the December courier.

Lastly I would like to ask if anyone is able to volunteer to help me in the office? Ideally someone would come and help me once a month with invoicing- a task which takes me quite a while as I have so many other pressures on my time but would be a few hours work if this was your only focus. If you feel you would be able to help me please let me know- I would be hugely grateful!!

Community Outreach Coordinator

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