A Christmas Visit

Come with me, now wrap up warm,
As to ‘
times gone by’ we will return.
Through the crisp, cold night air
Come the sound of church bells…here.

We now approach shepherds standing by,
Lets get close and question why
they are standing, oh so still,
On such a night that’s full of chill.

The Angels told them of a star so bright
that they should follow into the night.
For they will behold a royal king,
The little babe of Bethlehem.

Three shepherds leave the group of men.
They followed the star across the glen,
We will also follow them, and see
this babe who would die at Calvary.

We find ourselves out side an Inn
and hear them say ‘
you cannot come in’
We turn around to see who’s there,
It’s Joseph and Mary so full of fear.

So many people inside the Inn tonight.
Will no one see the couples plight.
Is there nothing we can do for them?
as they seek to rest, near cows and hen.

As the night passes and dawn is nigh,
We hear a babe, then a mothers sigh.
Alleluia! sing praises, our Lord is near.
The Saviour of the world is here!

We must return to our world of today
and tell of the night that we did see,
that  the Bible stories are so true
that little babe grew up, and died for

Barbara 2007.

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