Peace to the World

The selfishness of mankind, the excuses he makes to use the time of Christmas as an end to his own needs. He could do more for his fellow man.
Does it only have to be at Christmas that he thinks to bring.


Christmas, What is Christmas?
The time mankind will stop to think of his family.
The time of togetherness…thoughts of his fellow man.
It is a time when man feels generous
A hand goes into his pocket,
After all It’s Christmas!

Christmas, What is Christmas?
A time when nations link across the countless
miles to greet one another, When church bells chime
on this special day Children wake early…excited…
What is there for ME they shout
After all it’s Christmas!

Christmas, What is Christmas?
Stop to think of another Christmas.
The first Christmas, when Joseph and Mary
Were turned away, no one wanted to give
up their room for the night…
Could it be……it’s Christmas!

Christmas, What is Christmas?
Think about the first Christmas, when an
Inn Keeper took pity on a mother to be…and offered a stable.
Then shepherds offered a lamb to the Lamb of God.
Three wise men offered special gifts to the King of Kings!
So what can you offer?
An outstretched hand… A friendly smile?
A place at your table… PEACE TO THE WORLD!
After all……It’s Christmas.


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