The Hump - A Christmas Ode


I'm the Christmas camel, and I've really got the hump,
I'm carrying this King [they come in threes] and he's a heavy lump,
mine's lumbered with gold, m'mates got other things,
and would you believe it!, it's for them Kings, the Chapel sings!

Well let me tell you, without us beasts, they didn't stand a chance,
they'd still be in Herod's pad, catching Salome's dance,
Oh, the angel came at midnight, wafted on the breeze,
but them Kings would not have woken, until I gave a sneeze!

At Bethlehem they near turned left, but us camels knew it was right,
and they booked into a Travel Lodge, moaning about a star so bright,
it was only when we turned nasty [and forgot to even say "please"],
that they dragged us into a stable, tripped, and fell down upon their knees!

Now I ask you, wouldn't you be upset, and have a broken heart,
if you played a starring role and just got a walk-on part?.

December 2010                                                                       

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