The Methodist Church


The Methodist Church is the fourth largest church in England behind the Anglican Church, the Catholic Church and the Church of Scotland. It has more than six thousand church’s and a membership of almost 350,000 people in England alone.


Methodism was founded by John Wesley in the eighteenth century as he sought to challenge the religious assumptions of the day. He began by gathering a group of like minded people together to study the bible, receive communion and perform acts of charity. they became known as Methodists because of the methodical way they carried out their faith.


The Methodist Church in Britain is divided int circuits made up of churches in a defined area. A superintendent minister is appointed to provide pastoral leadership to a circuit.
A number of circuits make up a district. There are 33 districts in Britain. each district has a chair who’s job it is to lead the minister and lay people in the work of pastoral care, preaching and evangelism.


The Church’s purpose-


The church exists to:

  1. Increase awareness of God’s presence and celebrate God’s love- worship.
  2. Help people to learn and grow as Christians through mutual support and care- Learning and caring.
  3. Be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice- Service.
  4. Make more followers of Jesus Christ- Evangelism.


Methodists stand within the Protestant tradition of the Christian church. the core beliefs reflect Orthodox Christianity.


This can be summed up in four particular ideas called the four alls:

  1. The need to be saved.
  2. All can be saved.
  3. All know they can be saved.
  4. All know they can be saved completely


The services in the Methodist Church vary in style but often focus on Bible reading and preaching. Hymn singing is a lively feature of Methodist Services with many hymns written by Charles Wesley, John Wesleys brother. Many of his hymns are still sung today.